Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My goal is to have a relationship with you that is so great that you not only return, but you refer all of your colleagues to me as well.  Please take some time to look over my FAQs.  I have tried to think of everything that you might need to know.  If I have forgotten something, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What are my return time options?

Standard return time is within 72 hours.

Rush return time is within 48 hours.

Expedited return time is within 24 hours.

What if I have a really large job?

If you have a job that you know is going to be fairly large (more than 50 pages), please contact me to make sure I am going to be available.  Also, please break it into 50-page increments.  I can begin working on the first parts of the transcripts while you are working on the later parts.  It helps me stay true to my expected turn around times.

Do you proofread on weekends?

Yes, I do proofread on weekends.

What if my deadlines change?

I am here to help you.  If your needs change, please do not hesitate to communicate that to me.  We can make the necessary adjustments.

What reference manuals do you use?

I use Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation by Margie Wakeman Wells, Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters by Lillian I. Morson, The Gregg Reference Manual by William A. Sabin, and Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

What software/hardware do you use?

I do all of my proofreading on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil in a software called iAnnotate 4.  Contrary to some long-held beliefs, it works the same way as proofreading on paper.

In what format should I send the transcript?

I prefer to receive PDF files.  I can receive other types of files as well, but they will be returned as a PDF.  This allows me to work efficiently, and get the job returned to you as quickly as possible.  Please note:  the copy is much cleaner when it is converted to PDF in your software.

How else can I convert my ASCII, Word, and .txt files to PDF?

You can convert you files to PDFs using CutePDF.  It is a program that is very simple to install and use.  Click here for full instructions.

How will you know what my preferences are?

Prior to working together, I request that each reporter fill out a Reporter's Preference Sheet.  I have a link to it in the navigation above, or this link will take it to you as well.

How will I be billed?

I bill by the page according to what is listed on the Services page.  These rates apply to the average, pre-edited job.

Do I need to edit my work before I send it to you?

Yes.  I am a proofreader, not a scopist.  Furthermore, work that is "dirty" and has not been edited will take me longer, and I reserve the right to charge a higher rate due to the amount of time I will lose.  In addition, it is more difficult for me to find true errors hiding in a dirty job.

When will I be billed?

Clients are billed on the first of every month.  All invoices are due within 15 days of the billing date.  Late payments will incur a fee of 10%, based on the invoice total.  Payments may be made via credit card directly from the invoice.  If you prefer another method of payment, please make prior arrangements with me.

What will the transcript look like when they are returned?

I will return the annotated pages only.  They will be marked up in red and yellow.

Help!  I can't see any annotations!

Make sure that you see both RED and YELLOW annotations.  You will need to install Adobe Reader in order to view them from your computer.  Additionally, if you print them, they will not show up if you do not print them in color.